Aarti Aur Chotu Or Chhotu Ka Viral Video – Murder Case News

Chotu aarti Case news – Chotu and Aarti News in English, Hindi: Recently, there is a news which has gone viral regarding the two lovers named aarti and chotu. This news has been trended all over social media for the last 2 days and also their audio is also circulated all over the internet. This news is about the one lover, chotu who has been killed by aarti’s parents. To get the full information about aarti chotu news case, read the following article.Here in this article, we will talk about aarti and chotu from Arriya, Bihar.

Aarti Aur Chotu Ka video

They both were in a very serious relationship and wanted to marry each other. The parents of aarti were in opposition for their marriage but still, both didn’t lose hope. Aarti’s parents made chotu understand that this will not happen but aarti and chotu were in unconditional love. At least they killed chotu. After the murder aarti stuck to chotu’s body till the body was sent for postmortem. After all, this happened, the unmarried aarti is living in chotu’s house with his parents just like a widow.

Credit – Khabar Duniya

Chotu’s parents are considering her their daughter-in-law and take care of her.A day before chotu’s murder, both the couple talked over phone and the call recording has gone viral. In this recording, aarti was sounding tense. She said that now everyone knows about their relationship and she also asked for help from her sister-in-law to get married and she advised to call chotu at home. In the recording, chotu kept asking aarti why she’s crying, and she replied that, I’m not crying.

The audio which has circulated all over the internet clearly shows that she was very frightened and tensed. The next day her parent’s including her father killed chotu. All the murderers are arrested by the Bihar police and aarti is fighting very hard so that the culprits get the punishment they deserve. She’s now living with chotu’s family and memorised all the moments she had lived with chotu. So this all about the news case of chotu and aarti.

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