Hindupur Mp Gorantla Madhav Response To Viral Call Video Say it is Fake Read More

Hindupur YSRCP MP Gorantla Madhav is embroiled in a controversy over a nude video call with a woman. The video has now gone viral and there is a huge buzz around it. But MP Gorantla Madhav said the video was fake.

Expressing anguish over the spread of false propaganda against him, he alleged that TDP’s Chintakayala Vijay and Ponnuru Vamsi were spreading the video.The MP has made it clear that they should confront him directly and that he is ready for any investigation into the matter.

An obscene video of Hindupur YSRCP MP Gorantla Madhav is known to be circulating widely on social media.The MP, who has now reacted to the vulgar video, alleged that there was a conspiracy by TDP leaders behind it.


Madhav said on Thursday that the video has been repurposed and posted on social media. He announced that he is ready for any question about this video.

MP Gorantla Madhav said they shot the video and transformed while he was in the gym. The state’s politics became a hot topic after a video of a ruling party MP went viral.Meanwhile, TDP leaders are reacting strongly to MP Gorantla Madhav’s behaviour. TDP leaders are angry that they have done something to tarnish the post of MP. TDP leaders demand CM Jagan to take strict action against Gorantla Madhav after nude video leaked. They demanded that he be declared unfit for the post of MP.

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