identify the informal group from below

Informal group

Although organized groups are formed by organizations to achieve certain goals, informal groups are made up of members of those groups themselves. They arise naturally, in response to the same interests of the members of the organization. They are built automatically, without any formal appointments, and with the same interests as defense, job assistance, and social media.

They exist without a system of legal authority and without any strict rules established. Although not officially recognized, they exist in the shadow of the official building as a network of personal and public relations that must be understood and respected by management.Informal work groups are based on social-psychological support and consultation and rely on member interaction, communication, personal preferences, dislikes and social interactions within and outside the organization.

The power of these illegal groups is evident in the fact that when a member of a group is fired, all the workers sometimes strike in support of that party member.The bonds between members are very strong and they bring about a sense of unity and unity.

These interactions can have a powerful impact on productivity and job satisfaction as employees encourage and share each other’s responsibilities by training new entrants and by looking to the elders for guidance, advice, and assistance.Informal groups may have their own leaders and followers, team goals, community roles, and strategies. They have their own unwritten rules and code of conduct that each member openly admits.

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