James Webb Space Telescope Launch Date , Specifications , Taken Pictures

James Webb Space Telescope Launch Date

James Webb Space Telescope: On Monday, US President Joe Biden released this very beautiful picture in the White House in the presence of NASA Administrator Bill Nelson.

James Webb Space Telescope Taken Pictures

For the first time in the picture of the universe captured through the James Webb Space Telescope, the universe can be seen clearly at such a depth. Such a picture of the universe has never been drawn before. At the same time, NASA Administrator Bill Nelson has said that the distant universe has never been photographed before. He has also informed that some more such color pictures will be released on 12th July i.e. on Tuesday as well. According to him, these pictures are of high resolution.

James Webb Space Telescope Launch Date
James webb space telescope Launch Date

James Webb Space Telescope Launch Date

Let us tell you that the James Webb Telescope, the world’s largest telescope in the space sector, was launched by the US Space Agency NASA on December 25, 2021. It was launched to reveal the secrets of the depths of space. At the same time, Jonathan Gardner, Webb’s deputy senior project scientist at NASA, has said that the James Webb Space Telescope can also see the time immediately after the Big Bang. He can do this by looking at the galaxies present in the distant universe.

US President Joe Biden has also made a tweet releasing this picture on Monday. He said in it, ‘The first image taken by the James Webb Telescope is showing a historic moment for the field of science and technology. The same is true for astronomy and space exploration, America and humanity.

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