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Hello friends, today we will know the rate of the bar (kamdhenu saria price 12mm today per kg) mostly in the construction of the house or in the building etc. 8 MM and 25 MM bars are used.

Whenever a house is made into a house, first of all he asks for the rate of sari in the market today, kamdhenu saria, etc.

But now you do not have to ask anyone because I will tell you what is the rate of the baria today. According to the price list of all the rebar companies, the rate of bars ranging from 8MM to 25 MM has been told in different MM.

Which you can see in the table below and this will give you an accurate idea of ​​what is kamdhenu saria Ka Bhav.

kamdhenu saria price 12mm today per kg

kamdhenu saria price 12mm today ₹105 per kg

I hope that you have liked the information given by me, the rate of sariya, today’s 2021, sariya ka Bhav, etc. Share this information with your friends too so that they can also know about kamdhenu saria price. See you in the next post by taking some similar information till then take care of yourself.

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