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An officer of the Belagavi horticulture department complained to the AMPC police station here on Tuesday against Channapatna-based social activist Navyashree Rao alleging extortion, threat to her life and intimidation.The complaint came after videos of the two in a compromising position surfaced on social media.However, in a bizarre twist to the case, Navyashree said that the complainant, Rajkumar Takale, is her husband.“Rajkumar is my husband.

Yes, we are married. I will reveal how we got married in the next few days. But he cheated on me. I will explain everything at the press conference,” she said.Rajkumar, a former personal assistant to Kagwad MLA Shrimant Patil, said in the complaint that he met Navyashree in December 2020 when he was working in Bengaluru.She introduced herself as an activist and ran an NGO called Navya Foundation.As time passed, Navyashree came closer to him.

navyashree Rajkumar Takle Video Download Link

Navyashree was fully aware that he was married and the father of three children, he claimed. On December 24, 2021, Navyashree and her friend Tilakraj DT, a resident of Channapatna, called Rajkumar when he was at his Belagavi residence and demanded Rs 50 lakh, he said.They showed him videos of their intimate moments and said that these would be sent to his wife and relatives and that a rape case would be filed against him.“With no choice, I revealed the truth to my wife. After that Navyashee started calling my wife.

On December 29, 2021, she forcibly entered my home and demanded that I comply with her illegal demands. On January 1, 2022, she again trespassed into my house and caused a nuisance,” the official’s complaint said.The AMPC police registered an FIR against Navyashree and her friend Tilakraj.Responding to queries regarding the allegations, Navyashree said, “I have not been in India for the last fortnight. I learned that our videos are going viral on social media. I will meet with the city police commissioner and make an official complaint.

Navyashree said she was not aware of the complaint. “I haven’t received any phone calls from the police yet,” she said.City Police Commissioner Boralingaiah MB said an investigation is underway.“If they were both in a consensual relationship, it won’t be considered a crime. However, an investigation will be conducted,” he added.

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