Smita Thackeray And balasaheb Relationship And More

About Smita Thackeray

Smita Thackeray was born on August 17 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. She is an Indian film producer, film distributor, film actress, philanthropist, activist, social worker, chairperson and founder of Mukkti Foundation & Rahul Productions.

She is known for her participation in Bollywood movies, Hindi/Marathi TV serials. She is known for her social activities in the field of HIV awareness and women’s safety.

About balasaheb

Bal Keshav Thackeray, an Indian politician, was a founding member of the right-wing ethnocentric Marathi party called the Shiv Sena. The party’s activities are mainly concentrated in the state of Maharashtra in the western part of India.

Bal Thackeray opposed migration and the growing influence of non-Marathas in the city of Bombay. He fought against this through his magazine Marmik, which was a cartoon weekly. He plunged into politics to uphold this motto and in 1966 founded a new party called Shiv Sena.

The party’s aim initially was to ensure that Maharashtrians gained job security in the state as they faced competition from South Indian, Marwari and Gujarati immigrants. A temporary alliance with almost all Maharashtrian political parties was made during the late 1960s to early 1970s.

Smita Thackeray And balasaheb Relationship

Smita Thackeray and Balasaheb’s relationship still remains a mystery as Jaydev claimed that Aishwarya was not his son on Thackeray’s wish in the Bombay High Court.

With mother Smita, opulence is beneficial in the will. He claims that Smita and I lived in Motoshree in 1990. He left Matoshree in 1999. And divorced Smita in 2004. I don’t know whose son he is. After this statement, the whole thing gets stuck.

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