tata tiscon sd price list today 2021 – 2022

Let us know the Tata Tiscon Price List Today 2021-2022 from 8MM to 25MM and how many types of Tata bars are there and where it is used, you will get all the information related to it to see in further detail, by the way tell you that the use of bars Mostly done in beam or lens.

Here you are being given the latest rate list of Tata Steel. This price has been told in terms of per kg, per piece and per metric ton. By the way, whether the bar is of Tata Tiscon or any other company, it is measured by MM, apart from this many people also measure it in yarn.

The full chart of how many MM of yarn is available to see in the picture above, and by the way, 10MM and 12MM bars are mostly used in beams or lanterns at the time of house construction. Apart from this, the bars of 16MM, 20MM and 25MM are used in factory, bridge construction or other high level projects.

The rate of Tata TMT bar 550 sd is being given here on a per kg basis. The list of Tata Tiscon price per kg today is updated from time to time.

tata tiscon sd price list today 2021 – 2022 Price Per Kg
Tata Tiscon sd 8mm Price TodayRs. 104
Tata Tiscon sd 10mm Price TodayRs. 101
Tata Tiscon sd 12mm Price TodayRs. 102
Tata Tiscon sd 16mm Price TodayRs. 104
Tata Tiscon sd 20mm Price TodayRs. 104
Tata Tiscon sd 25mm Price TodayRs. 104
tata tiscon sd price list today 2021 – 2022

Hope that you have liked the given information related to Tata Tiscon sd Price List Today 2021-2022 and now you have also come to know that how many types of bars are there and what size bars are used where.

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